Meet The Wine Kitz Iris Team


At Wine Kitz Iris we believe in Walt Disney’s philosophy:  

“Do what you do so well they’ll want to see it again and bring their friends.”



Amanda (Wine Associate)

Being a customer at Wine Kitz Iris first, I was blown away by the exceptional customer service I received. Now as a member of this fantastic team I’m excited to provide our customers with the same great service I had received and the same delicious wines I regularly enjoy.  


Dean (Wine Associate)

Two things I learned during 25 years as an executive chef and hotel food & beverage professional was to ensure my product was of high quality and to deliver it with outstanding customer service.  From day one at Wine Kitz Iris I’ve felt right at home because the entire Wine Kitz Team gets this.  The wine is great and the service is personal and thorough.  I still find the fermentation process magical and the customers I meet every day even more so.


Heather (Wine Associate)

From the minute I walked into Wine Kitz Iris, I knew I was there to stay. I came for the opportunity and stayed for the wine. Turned out, both were fabulous! Who would not love helping customers make wines they love?


kayla 2

Kayla (Wine Associate)

I always enjoyed helping my parents make their wine but didn’t discover my own love for it until I spent time living in Australia. Wine Kitz Iris has helped my passion grow even more and allows me to share what I have learned with others in a comfortable and friendly environment. 




Lesley (Wine Associate)

I really enjoy being a part of the fun that customers have while making and bottling their wines. Wine Kitz is all about helping customers have a great wine-making experience. I love doing that!



Linda (Sommelier & Owner)

When I joined the Wine Kitz franchise in 2005 I turned my passion for exploring and enjoying good wines into a highly successful business.  My enthusiasm for learning, combined with my love of good wines, good people and good conversation made this career choice a perfect fit.


Matt5Matt (Winecrafter)

My goal is to help customers find the wine that best suits their personality and taste.  Listening to our customers and understanding their needs helps me help them make the right choices.  And I take great pride in ensuring their wines are individually processed in our winery to ensure they are the best they can be.


Mike BosakMike (Wine Associate)

Having worked  as a bartender and mixologist, I know how important a great customer experience is. From the presentation to the finished product, I strive to make every aspect of your experience with us as excellent as it can possibly be.  At Wine Kitz Iris, I’m proud to be part of a team that offers such great customer service with such a fantastic product. I know you’ll always leave with a smile. 


Ron (Master Winemaker)

For the past 15 years I’ve enjoyed helping winemakers make great wine, many of whom have been Wine Kitz customers for over 25 years.  Our customers appreciate that we care about every wine made in our winery.  What a great job! 




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