Wine Cellar 2014


Sommelier  $110.00

Sommelier Reserve $170.00




Carmenere Image

The Region

The vineyards of Chile are found along an 800 mile stretch of land protected by the coastal mountain ranges. This region has a Mediterranean climate comparative to California or Bordeaux. Warm, sunny days and cool nights are ideal for producing great wines.

The Wine

The Carménère grape was originally planted in Bordeaux, France but is now found almost exclusively in Chile. It produces a medium bodied wine with aromas of fruit and spice. It has a deep crimson colour and a fruity flavour with smoky, earthy notes.

The Food
Carménère pairs beautifully with a meal of braised beef and grilled vegetables and is also delicious with dark chocolate.






Riesling Traminer Image

The Region

Australia has one of the world’s most respected wine industries, with more than 60 designated wine growing regions, a temperate, Mediterranean style climate, and ideal soil conditions.

The Wine

This aromatic blend has fragrances of exotic spices and florals. It is crisp and refreshing with juicy, well-rounded flavours and notes of lychee, guava, and fresh citrus.

The Food

Riesling / Traminer goes well with seafood, white meats, and light, spicy dishes. Paired with Asian cuisine, this popular blend is sure to please.







Rosso Tuscano Image

The Region

The vineyards of the Tuscany wine region are some of the finest in Italy with a warm dry climate and a long growing season. The steep, well drained slopes of the vineyards benefit from both the blazing Tuscan sun and maritime winds, producing aromatic wines of exceptional complexity.

The Wine

Rosso Tuscano is a bold and flavourful new proprietary blend. It is dry and medium bodied, with rich flavours of sour cherry, leather, spice, and cocoa.

The Food

Rosso Tuscano pairs well with red meat, game or poultry. It works especially well with rich, strong cheeses like Pecorino or Parmigiano-Reggiano. Rosso Tuscano is the perfect companion for leg of lamb, strong cheeses, or slow roasted beef.



          Limited quantities available in store 

                call or email us today


Each batch makes 30 – 750ml bottles of wine.  A winery fee of $50.00 per batch applies to all wines made in store.  Fee includes wine preparation, testing, processing, filtering, corks, shrink tops, and labels.

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