When Can I Drink My Wine?


wine cellar 2Although most wines that you make from Wine Kitz products may be consumed quite young (particularly if you decant the wine before serving), all will benefit from at least a little aging and many will improve considerably.

Rule  #1: The longer you leave your wine, the better it will get.

Rule  #2: When it tastes good to you, it’s ready to drink.

Rule #3: Even if it tastes good to you, remember Rule #1.

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Over the years we’ve had great customer stories of our early-drinking and fruit wine products being bottled one day and served at a gathering a few days later to rave reviews. Most customers find these wines perfect for early enjoyment with good balance and lots of flavour.

While our premium wines are more structured and can benefit from a few months of aging, many of our customers find them ready to drink and delicious within a few weeks of bottling. Over time, however, these wines will become much smoother on the palate with layers of flavour. 

Our ultra premium products are exceptional full-bodied wines that need additional time to develop a fine balance and reflect their complex flavour structure.

bottle-shockBottle Shock (or Bottle Sickness) is a reaction that may occur in wine following the bottling process. Bottle Shock is characterized by a flat flavour and aroma and may be accompanied by an off-putting odor. Bottle Shock is a temporary condition that simply needs some resting time to allow the wine to work inside the bottle to reach a new equilibrium. Bottle Shock can occur within a few days or a few weeks of bottling. Bottle Shock can last for as little as a few days or as long as a few weeks.

Wine DecanterAre you letting your wine breathe before pouring it? Open your bottle and let it sit for an hour or two before you serve it. Most wines benefit from some “air” time to “open up” the flavours. This works well with all types of wine. Try it out!<

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