Bags or Bottles?


Did you know you also have the option to bring home the wines you love in convenient bags or boxes?

Why bag your wine?

  • Lighter and more compact for easier storage
  • Environmentally better – recyclable & less carbon footprint
  • Less of the extras – no need for shrinks, corks or a corkscrew
  • Fresh for up to 6 weeks after opening

Bags are available in 7L, 5L & 4L and can be used on their own or in attractive dispensing boxes. We also have a 3L dispensing bag designed to be used without the need for a box, perfect for when you just want to bladder a small portion for the cottage or a party!

With so many choices the options are endless. With 23L of wine in each batch you can bag it all or do a mix of bags and bottles. Combining bags and bottles is a great choice if you’re looking to stow away bottles to age long term and want to enjoy the portion you’ve bagged almost immediately!

Here are some of our favorite options to get you started:your wine your way cropped tables

*Prices are before taxes and only include the wine bag. Boxes and bottles are an additional charge. We also have a limited supply of complimentary boxes.

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