Chilling Guide

Not all Wines are chilled the same.
Our simple guide will help you get it just right.

wines chilling2

Sparkling wines
8◦ C     2.5 hours in the fridge or 25 minutes in ice water

White Wines
10◦ C    2 hours in the fridge or 20 minutes in ice water

Rosé Wines
12◦ C    1.5 hours in the fridge or 15 minutes in ice water

Red Wines
What? Red wines? Chilled? Yes!
Most people serve red wines warmer than the intended cellar temperature
of 18◦ C, and lighter reds like Pinot Noir and Gamay can be chilled
a bit further.
14◦ C    1 hour in the fridge or 10 minutes in ice water

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