Wedding And Event Planning – Here’s What You Need To Know


Have a special event coming up? Let Wine Kitz Ottawa Iris make it easy for you.

No matter whether the occasion is a wedding, anniversary, birthday, christening, family reunion, or other special day, custom wine will make it even more memorable. The following guidelines will help you plan for any special occasion.

First Step:

Wedding Toast31.   When do you plan to serve your wines?

Pre-Wedding Events
●  Engagement Party
Wedding Shower
●  Bachelorette

Wedding Day
Pre-dinner reception
Post-dinner visiting and dancing

2.  How many adults will be attending each event?

3.  Will other alcoholic beverages be served?

4.  Will your after-dinner event have an open or paid bar?

Second Step:

winesHow much wine will you need?

●  There are 30 bottles of wine in each batch you make.

●  There are 4 glasses of wine per bottle.

●  You should expect that twice as many people will choose to drink red wine versus white wine.

●  You will want to choose wines that are typically enjoyed by the majority of your guests.

●  Rule of thumb is to assume that guests will consume 2 glasses of wine during a sit-down meal. (Simply increase this number relative to the additional occasions wine will be offered.)

Third Step:

While you need a minimum of two months to start your wines before your event, we recommend you start them at least six to eight months in advance. All good wines need time to develop their character and to balance their structure and flavours. The extra few months of time will significantly improve your wines and ensure they are at their best at serving time. Check out our Wedding Wine Price List.

More questions?  Drop in or give us a call. Our Event Wine Specialists will work with you at any stage in your planning to help you select just the right wines for the occasion and your guests.  

And take a minute to visit My Wedding Wine – a how-to guide that’s chock full of inspiration and ideas for every bride and groom thinking about custom making their wedding wines – or wines for any occasion.


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